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  • 1. How Do I book? The preferred method is by telephoning us however you can book on line by emailing at sales@a1castles.ie  N: B Bookings for May MUST be completed by phone. 

    2. How much notice do I need to give for a booking? You can book at any time however bookings get busy during summer months so it is advised to book early to avoid disappointment. We also take bookings on-the-day depending on availability. 

    3. How much does it cost? You can view all prices on this web site. Each Inflatable has a synopsis attached with a price; however prices can vary depending on circumstance i.e. Location, Private or Corporate etc. 

    4. What do the prices include? All Inflatable’s include local delivery (please contact us for delivery rates outside our local area). You will also receive a power fan, extension cord and safety mats. 

    5. When are your Inflatable’s Available? All our Inflatable’s are available 7 days a week including bank holidays. 

    6. How long do I get the Equipment for? All Inflatable’s are delivered between 8am and 11am and collected between 6pm and 9pm. However alternative arrangements can be made to suit. 

    7. Do you hire over night? Under certain circumstances overnight hire can be arranged please contact us 

    8. Do I have to pay a deposit? Deposits are taken for May only; all other months are not subject to deposits. 

    9. How do I pay? All Inflatable’s are subject to payment on delivery. We do not except credit cards. Cheques can only be accepted with a current banker’s card. 

    10. What if I need to cancel? You can cancel at any time; all we ask is that you give us as much notice as you can. Remember if you don’t give us notice you will have to pay a delivery charge. 

    11. What if it rains? All our Castles come with rain cavers however Games Inflatable’s do not; also our Fans and Extension Cords are water resistant.

    12. Can the Inflatable be set up on a slope? Ideally not. However it depends on the slope, you need to discuss it with us. See Contact Us

    13. How long does it take to set up and pack up the Inflatable? The Inflatable can take approx 10min to set up and approx 20 to pack up. However this is an estimate, it depends on the unit e.g. the Super Slide can take up to 35 min to pack up. 

    14. How much extra space is required? Each Inflatable will need 3 feet all rounds to allow for the fan and anchor points. 

    15. What size access do I need? All Bouncy Castles need only 3 feet to gain access. However for e.g. the Super Slide would need a minimum of 4.5 feet to gain access. 

    16. Is there anything I need to provide? We supply all the Hardware for the Inflatable's. You will need to provide us with 240 volts main supply. (If you can't supply electricity we can supply a generator at extra cost). 

    17. Do you supply me with Safety Instructions? All our Inflatable’s come with Terms and Condition together with Safety Instructions which you will sign on Delivery. 

    18. Is there an age limit for children? Yes all our inflatables have age limits, see the Synopsis for each unit on this site.

    19. Who can hire an Inflatable?  You must be over 18 years old (I D may be required) to hire a unit from us and you will need to sign an acceptance sheet.


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