• Bungee Run

    Each contestant wears a harness attached to a giant bungee cord. At the count of three they run down their individual lane as far as possible and place their Velcro markers before the cord pulls them backwards-with hilarious results. It is as much fun to watch as take part! The bungee run is suitable for all ages being hugely popular with the “older kids”.

    (width:12ft, length:40ft)

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  • Rock Climber Obstacle Course

    Rock Climbing Obstacle Course is one of the most impressive Obstacle Courses in the country.The ultimate challenge for both children and adults. Dive through the circular hoop, squeeze through the flexible biff 'n' bash, a small rock face just to tease you for whats to come,through the 5 foot Barrels and take a deep breath before you attempt the 15ft Rock Face and finally down the fast slide to the finish. Suitable for all ages.                                       

    (width:16ft, length:40ft, height: 23ft)  

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  • Gladiators

    Each contestant is supplied with a giant padded feudal stick and protective head-wear. Whilst standing on separate podiums, the object of the game is to bash and nudge your opponent with the stick whilst maintaining your own balance. Whoever ends up on the inflated arena below determines the loser. A huge success for both adults and children and suitable for all ages.

    (width:19ft, length:15ft)

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  • Many of our castles, games and inflatables are geared towards kids and the younger generation but we supply services for the bigger kid in you. We have range of services that are ideal for corporate events and parties and for adults also.  These are called action features and include the bungee run, obstacle course and gladiators.